Thursday 25 July 2013

Advertising on android applications

Advertising is driving a huge market in the internet world. Almost everything on the internet is financed by advertising. However, even more interesting is advertising on mobiles. This is so because on mobiles you can target people at a particular location and present more localized ads.

For advertising on android applications today there are many options.

Admob: One of the early birds in the mobile advertising market. Now its taken over by Google and one of the most widely used advertising networks in android and iphone apps.

Airpush: One of the best advertising networks in terms of revenue generated and also better payment options compared to admob. Airpush is unique in the sense that it is push advertising. It will push ads into the notification bar at definite intervals. It can be sometimes annoying to the user but provides good revenue for publishers.

If your apps are really good and have high download rates then you can directly search for some advertisers. That way you would not need to sign up with advertisers and share your revenue with them.

Link for the apps developed by me

Android apps looking for advertisers.

Which one of the advertising networks do you prefer? Do let me know on the comments.

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