Wednesday 24 July 2013

alternative android markets

As you all know the most widely used android market is google play. However as a developer it is always go publish your apps even in other alternative android markets. The main advantages of these markets are
  • You need not have a Google account for downloading android apps.
  • It may provide an easier way to download apps.
  • Some markets offer premium apps as "free app of the day"
  • It may offer localized portal by county
  • Personalized list of apps. Apps may be filtered for age group, quality or specific purposes.
Here I list some of the android markets that may be useful to have a look into as a developer.

Amazon appstore Amazon offers one of the largest android marketplace, arguably next only to google play. The application approval time may be significant, however its worth the effort.

GetJar offers a market place not only for android apps also mobile apps on many other platforms. This is one generic mobile app distribution market.

Opera has started a market for android recently, however its shaping up pretty well. Its worth trying this market.

Androidpit Comparatively a smaller market yet worth distributing your apps on this market as well.

Do you think I have missed anyone. Let me know in the comments.

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