Wednesday 24 July 2013

android applications strategies

While developing new applications on android there are good number of questions as to how to monetize these applications. If you are developing an app to aid in your existing business then its a different matter. However, for most of the apps you would have to consider the various options available to monetize your app.

Here I present some of the ways:-

1. Priced app in the android market. There are many android markets and you can place a price on the app and distribute it. The disadvantage is in order to market a priced app you need to provide a trial app and display the different features that your app provides.

2. In app payments. Another option is to provide a free app with limited features. For advanced features you can prompt the user to pay. This may be a better option rather than directly going with priced app.

3. Free app with ads. It is a known fact that free apps are downloaded and have a lot more visibility than priced apps. Even though the app is free you can still monetize it using ads. There are multiple options like admob, airpush etc.

4. Free app up-gradable to priced app without ads. Similar to the previous one with an in app payment facility that would remove the ads from the app.

Which one do you prefer and why.

Some of my apps are present in the link below.
Android apps

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