Monday 9 September 2013

App for software people in bangalore

Bangalore android team start focusing on their core expertise i.e. concentrating on bangalore city and applications targeting the city dwellers.

New application has been launched today that lists all the major software companies that have their offices in city. Initially it will list only the major companies however in the coming days it is expected that even small companies would be featured here.

What makes the app so unique is that this is the first such application and the best part it is that you can browse it completely offline. People who are working in the software industry and especially in the bangalore city find the app very interesting.

This app is especially useful for people who are new to the software field, like the ones who are fresh out of the college and are still exploring where they want to make their career. Over 200 companies are listed as of now and the numbers are going on raising everyday with the content poured in by the users. Dont find your company in this list. Add a comment or get in touch with the team to get your company featured in this list. The list is updated weekly and content is kept up to date.

Link to the app:

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