Saturday, 14 February 2015

Android Application Marketing Techniques

Android application Marketing techniques: You would be knowing very well, its more important to market your application correctly and then comes its usefulness. How many times have you come across apps that you feel are useless however it still has very high downloads. That is because they have been marketed very well. Even if your app is good it is useless if it isn't downloaded by the users. So marketing is the single most important thing for a developer. After the app is downloaded its usefulness determines whether it is retained by the user or deleted. So here I would like to discuss the various marketing techniques that you should try.
  1. First one week is the most important phase, this determines the velocity of the downloads. So before listing any apps start promoting it at least a week in advance. Make sure that all your loyal users get the app downloaded in the first week.
  2. Be a part of various android forums and publicize your apps. There are many such forum. This gets you connected with like minded developers. 
  3. List your app in communities like this one that has many followers. It can be facebook communities, google groups etc.
  4. Encourage your app users to give it a 5 star rating. This has to be managed carefully. You would want the people who give a bad rating to mail you instead of rating you badly in the app store. A loyal user who has used the app for say 5 days or more may give you a good rating.
  5. Provide a g+ button in your app.
  6. If it is a game integrate google game services and provide leaderboards, high scores.
  7. Integrate your app with facebook, twitter and other social sites. An example of this is the success of candy crush integration with facebook.
  8. Provide incentives to in your app to your loyal users. This will make sure that the users never delete your app.
  9. Cross promote your other applications within the app.

Of-course there are many other paid marketing methods which I have not included here. Do post in your comments if you feel I have missed out on something.

Saturday, 29 November 2014

simple compass

Bangalore android team has come up with a new app compass. It will now concentrate in coming up a series of simple apps that can be used by new android developers to learn developing apps.
The app can be found here. It is a simple app that shows the various directions from the convenience of your mobile device. This will work only if the device has a magnetic sensor else it will always say you are towards north no matter whichever direction you face. The app can be found here

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Android Training Classes to be started soon

The Bangalore Android team is coming up with Android training classes. This facility is to be started in Bangalore and would be soon be spread across various cities in India.

The team that is a pioneer in creating new apps is a late entry into the training programs however comes with years of experience. Already plans are being made to start these classes in 4 cities in a couple of months.

The course comes with a week of training that includes classes that start with the basics and slowly builds up into expert level. 

Friday, 20 September 2013

Consultancy on integrating various monetizing options for android applications

Bangalore android team is coming up with a consultancy which would help in integrating various advertising networks into your android apps.

The service will be launched soon. Place in your requirements in the comment section. 

Monday, 9 September 2013

App for software people in bangalore

Bangalore android team start focusing on their core expertise i.e. concentrating on bangalore city and applications targeting the city dwellers.

New application has been launched today that lists all the major software companies that have their offices in city. Initially it will list only the major companies however in the coming days it is expected that even small companies would be featured here.

What makes the app so unique is that this is the first such application and the best part it is that you can browse it completely offline. People who are working in the software industry and especially in the bangalore city find the app very interesting.

This app is especially useful for people who are new to the software field, like the ones who are fresh out of the college and are still exploring where they want to make their career. Over 200 companies are listed as of now and the numbers are going on raising everyday with the content poured in by the users. Dont find your company in this list. Add a comment or get in touch with the team to get your company featured in this list. The list is updated weekly and content is kept up to date.

Link to the app:

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Advertising on android applications

Advertising is driving a huge market in the internet world. Almost everything on the internet is financed by advertising. However, even more interesting is advertising on mobiles. This is so because on mobiles you can target people at a particular location and present more localized ads.

For advertising on android applications today there are many options.

Admob: One of the early birds in the mobile advertising market. Now its taken over by Google and one of the most widely used advertising networks in android and iphone apps.

Airpush: One of the best advertising networks in terms of revenue generated and also better payment options compared to admob. Airpush is unique in the sense that it is push advertising. It will push ads into the notification bar at definite intervals. It can be sometimes annoying to the user but provides good revenue for publishers.

If your apps are really good and have high download rates then you can directly search for some advertisers. That way you would not need to sign up with advertisers and share your revenue with them.

Link for the apps developed by me

Android apps looking for advertisers.

Which one of the advertising networks do you prefer? Do let me know on the comments.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Publishing your first android application

Publishing a new android application on google play is very simple.

  1.  Write your application. There are already may blogs and ready documentation on this so wont go into the details here. 
  2.  Generate the signed APK. If you are using eclipse this is pretty straightforward. You only need to export the application using a keystore (for the first time you need to generate it). 
  3.  Test the APK generated on the device. 
  4.  Go though the publishing checklist. This will help you decide on ithe various publishing options. 
  5.  Create the publisher account (if you are going to publish in google play). To register as a publisher you need to pay $25. This can be done through your visa/master credit cards.
  6.  Submit the application: After creating the account you can give the description of the application and submit it within the publisher account. The application will go live within a matter of few minutes.  Link to my first android app: inspirational quotes

These are the minimum list of the things that you need to do to publish your app. However there are other features like IP protection, app statistics, future support etc that you need to think about before publishing your app.

 There are some android tools that are useful like this one for image processing asset studio

  1.  App statistics: Google has the google analytics that available for free by google. This can be integrated with your android app to get the app statistics. Also for submitting the app you need to publish some screenshots. Capture screenshots instructs you how to capture screenshots from your android phone. 
  2. Marketing: When you publish your app you also need to think about how would you like to market the application. Option to rate your app is a must as this will definitely drive more people into your application. Also if you have a link to provide feedback you can get inputs as to how to improve your app. 
  3. Advertizing and Monetising solutions: If you would like to place some advertisements then you can sign up for admob or other advertising solutions.